“Don’t tell God you have a big problem, but tell your problem you have a big God.” -Manny Pacquiao

kettlebell circuit workouts / 20min cardio / 10min cardio

kettlebell circuit workout

round body pass/in between exercises


1)swings 10reps/arm
2)cleans 10reps/arm
3)press 10reps/arm
4)squat 10reps/arm
5)snatch 10reps/arm
6)overhead squat 10reps/arm
7)windmill lower 10reps/arm
8)kettlbell lunge 10reps/leg
9)one legged deadlift 10reps/leg
10)windmill upper 10reps/leg
11)clean&press 10reps/arm
12)turkish getup 5reps/arm


20min cardio workout

1min/exercise or 2min/compound

hand2hand swing

overhead squat

overhead squat

bent row

bent row

lateral lunge


horizontal row
one legged deadlift

horizontal row
one legged deadlift

kettlebell curl
slingshot swap


10min cardio workout

30secs/exercise or 1min/compound

double clean
dive bombers

double snatch
clapping pushups

kettlebell front squat
front kick

double press
horse stance

double bent rows
jumping lunges

double swings
lateral shuffle

hip switches
renegade row

one legged deadlift

jumping pushups
double clean&press

lateral lunge (no weight)
horizontal row

kettlebell abs/core/circuit

intro to Abs & core

10min Abs & Core standing workout

60secs each

1)round the body
2)between leg pass
3)standing knee raise
4)standing ab twist
5)lateral crunch
6)bottomsup planche hold
7)seated ab twist
8)russian seated twist

10min Abs and core floor workout 1

90secs each

1)getup situp 90secs/arm
2)kettlebell crunch
3)laterall bend
4)alternating jack knives
5)lying pullover

10min Abs and core floor workout 1

4exercises 90secs
2exercises 60secs

1)seated hot potato
2)swing side2side
4)lying hip rotation
5)getup situp (Full range)
6)side planche

Core/circuit workout 1

3sets 7exercises

1)low high windmill 5reps
2)renegade row 5reps/arm
3)suitcase deadlift 5reps/arm
4)double snatch 5reps
6)one legged deadlift 5reps/arm
7)double clean&press 5reps

core/circuit workout 2

3sets 7 exercises

1)turkish getup 5reps/arm
2)sots press 5reps/arm
3)bent press 5reps/arm
4)bottomsup clean&press 5reps/arm
5)good morning stetch 10reps
6)overhead squat 5reps/arm
7)bottomsup pushup 10reps

kettle lowerbody workout

intro to lower body
3sets of 7exercises
3-6reps strength
10-15reps size
5-10reps strength/size

lower body warmy

hip circles/figure8/
box squat
knee circles
hip hingeing
deep squat
downward dog
lunging hip flexor stretch

lower body workout
1)front squat
2)good morning
3)one legged deadlift
4)box pistol
5)racked lunge
6)jump squat
7)double swings

kettlebell upperbody workout

0:00 intro to upper body

1:45 upper body warmy
shoulders - arm circles, low circles, clapping hands,
neck - rotate, up/down,
kettlebell stretch walk,
towell/dowell - figure8, circumduction,
kettlebell armbar stretch,

13:30 upper body workout
3sets of 8exercises

1)floor press 10reps
2)row 5reps/arm
3)alternating military press 5reps/arm
4)bottoms up clean 5reps/ arm
5)seated one arm snatch 5reps/arm
6)seated double clean 5reps
7)standing double swings 5reps
8)lying pull over 10reps

snatch & the grey man