appearance and intention inevitably ensnare people when artfully used, even if people sense that there is an ulterior intention behind the overt appearance. when you set up ploys and opponents fall for them, then you win by letting them act on your ruse. as for those who do not fall for a ploy, when you see they won't fall for the open trap, you have another set. then even if opponents haven't fallen for your original ploy, in effect they actually have. 

family book on the art of war, Yagyu Munenori 1571-1646

Timothy Bradley's Workout Before Beating Manny Pacquiao (25min+ complete...

public workout
It was a close fight between bradley and pacquio.
But Bradley was able to bob n weave, reading pacman's punchs, distancing, and good footwork
Tim Bradley shares some thoughts on manny pacquiao during a light training session on rhtytm and tactics.
comments on Manny's movement, punch combinations, old injuries, nutrition,

perfect economy of strategy

perfect economy of strategy

he whom ancients called an expert in battle gained victory where victory was easily gained. thus the battle of the expert is never an exceptional victory, no does it win him reputation for wisdom or credit for courage. his victories in battle are unerring. unerring means that he acts where victory is certain, an conquers an enemy that has already lost.

the art of war, sun-tzu, fourth century b.c.


you can do nothing with an army that is an amalgam of a hundred people here, a hundred people there, and so on. what can be achieved with four thousand men, united and standing shoulder to shoulder, you cannot do with forty or even four hundred thousand men who are divided and pulled this way and that by internal conflicts...

rules of war, and bravery, mubarakshar, persia, thirteenth century


the first quality of a general in chief is to have a cool head which receives exact impressions of things, which never gets heated, which never allows itself to be dazzled or intoxicated by good or bad news. the successive simultaneous sensations which he receives in the course of a day must be classified, and must occupy the correct places they merit to fill, because common sense and reason are the results of the comparison of a number of sensations each equally well considered. there are certain men who, on acccount of their moral and physical constitution, paint mental pictures out of everything; however exalted be their reason, their will, their courage and whatever good qualities they may possess, nature has not fitted them to command armies, nor to direct great operations of war.

Napoleon bonaparte, 1769-1821

grand strategy

Epistemologically, the source of all erroneous views on war lies in idealist and mechanistic tendencies...people with such tendencies are subjective and one-sided in their approach to problems. They indulge in groundless and purely subjective talk, basing themselves upon a single aspect or temporary manifestation and magnify it with similar subjectivity into the whole of the problem...only by opposing idealistic and mechanistic tendencies and taking an objective all-sided view in making a study of war can we draw correct conclusions on the question of war. 

selectect military writings, mao tse-tung 1893-1976


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The book of changes (I ching) is often considered the oriental apotheosis of adaptation, of flexibility, In this book the recurring them is one of oberving life and blending with its flow in order to survive and develop. In effect, the theme of this work is that everything in existence  can be a source of conflict, of danger, and, ultimately, of violence if opposed from the wrong angle or in the wrong manner - that is, if confronted directly at the point of its maximum strength, since this approach renders the encounter potentially devasting. By the same token, any and every occurence can be dealt with by approaching it from the right angle and in the proper manner - that is, at its source, before it can develop full power, or from the sides (the vulnerable "flanks of a tiger")

Secrets of the samurai, oscar ratti and dele westbrook, 1973

snatch & the grey man