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I focus on what I can control, not what I can't control. That is the key to success
With experience you don't get less nervous, you just learn how to deal with it.

layering process instead a tonne of info
Not all stimuli make a big
impression; they generally have to
be intense, clear, memorable, and
relevant enough for the brain to
deem them worthy enough to rate
a connection.

Four Tools That Make Learning Stick
Stimulus #1: Novel Experiences.
They prime the cell for new info.
Stimulus # 2: Repetition.
It makes learning permanent.
Stimulus #3: Complexity.
You learn better while moving.
Stimulus #4: The Hebb Rule.
Associate learning with other positive stimuli.

Complexity in movement engages
the cognitive and motor areas of
the brain in tandem. This facilitates
more efficient and effective brain
function that provides for better
information processing and recall.

snatch & the grey man