IKFF Kettlebell Lesson 6 - Snatch Trajectory Part 2 - downward

The Planche - Part 2 - Gymnasts on floor

Part 2 of a small series presenting the planche, a famous gymnastics position. The purpose is to see its various applications in situation, as inspiration for everyone working hard on it.
Here we see top level gymnasts using various planches in their floor routines, and sometimes on bars and beam. They must master perfect form, hold for at least 3 sec, along with many other excercises in their routines.

Handstand Basics

Knee injury ,Injuries - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

knee injury ,injuries video describing the anatomy and associated injury / injuries of the knee joint. from sprain ligament to muscle damage .symptoms are pain and swelling locking popping or feeling a click.examination aspiration immoblization rehab therapy and surgery are done after getting MRI and xrays. .repair of the damage by an operation usually arthroscopy is indicated in some cases such as surgery or repair meniscus and cartilage damage and in reconstruction of the acl pcl.patient will need time for recovery with the help of therapy and exercises.prvention is important esp in sports ,soccer runners women.avoid twisting injuries.
knee injury can be mild or severe.knee injury is common

snatch & the grey man