kettlebell abs/core/circuit

intro to Abs & core

10min Abs & Core standing workout

60secs each

1)round the body
2)between leg pass
3)standing knee raise
4)standing ab twist
5)lateral crunch
6)bottomsup planche hold
7)seated ab twist
8)russian seated twist

10min Abs and core floor workout 1

90secs each

1)getup situp 90secs/arm
2)kettlebell crunch
3)laterall bend
4)alternating jack knives
5)lying pullover

10min Abs and core floor workout 1

4exercises 90secs
2exercises 60secs

1)seated hot potato
2)swing side2side
4)lying hip rotation
5)getup situp (Full range)
6)side planche

Core/circuit workout 1

3sets 7exercises

1)low high windmill 5reps
2)renegade row 5reps/arm
3)suitcase deadlift 5reps/arm
4)double snatch 5reps
6)one legged deadlift 5reps/arm
7)double clean&press 5reps

core/circuit workout 2

3sets 7 exercises

1)turkish getup 5reps/arm
2)sots press 5reps/arm
3)bent press 5reps/arm
4)bottomsup clean&press 5reps/arm
5)good morning stetch 10reps
6)overhead squat 5reps/arm
7)bottomsup pushup 10reps

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