cambodian martial arts

its a decent read...but if you got nothing better do...have bludger..aahahahah

"Although everyone suffered, and anyone, including Khmer Rouge soldiers and cadre were potential victims of execution, certain groups were singled out for extreme persecution and extermination. Among them were the Cham, Cambodian Muslims, Chinese, Vietnamese, educated people, people with classes, anyone with knowledge of English or French, the literate, artisans, and skilled workers. Pol Pot had declared a Year Zero, as a symbol of his desire to break with the past. To this end, he hunted down and killed masters of traditional Khmer arts including singing, dancing, and martial arts."

these fellas couldn't even protect themselves...yeh pretty tough martial art
shit...i can't even speak proper cambodian...aahahahha

just like saying brazilian jijitsu originated in brazil...and yeh, credit to the gracies for evolving it to the current standard, even Royce got his ass wooped by Matt who gives a shit...i thought some japanese dude named Maeda taught a gracie

kempo originated in america...i guess...who brought it there...chinese, what

the samarai were the best...yeh until a bullet hits your head

the famous 300 spartans...were vicious....yeh still got killed

mma started in america...i thought pankration was mma...was that what the old skool gladiators practised...or was it called shootfighting from sayama, wasnt he a japanese pro wrestler...hahaah

quote: Hitler "does anyone remember the armenian genocide"...wouldn't it be cool if the armenians had internet back then and posted on blogs

martial arts started in shaolin temple of china...did someone say it was some monk who came from india who brought it to china

finally...muay thai...who got them wearin boxing gloves...was it the west...hmmmmmmm...

vovinam viet vo dao...wahhhhh....the 5T boys have a style....yeh wateva

SWAT are better than the SAS who are better than the green berets who are better than the legionaires who are better than airborne army rangers who are better than the navy seals who are better than jackie chan........

so in bruce lee's words..."my style is no style"...
don't look at the finger...or you'll miss that heavenly beauty..called the moon...
Jeet kune do...its just a name, thats all it is...don't get so hyped over it
...without systems whats there to teach...
i stuffed up the words a bit

what would happen to martial arts world, if Bruce Lee was never born

yeh thanks for watching my rambling...and woop my ass anytime
my style is calld runningawayscreaminglikeag

mud wrestling is my thing...i laike sexxy time

p.s. finally - you know why chuck norris doesnt have hair on his balls??
because hair doesnt grow on steel

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