drug taking vs sport taking

now is the time to change the direction of the next 10yrs

the outcome of drugs and sports are similar.

taking drugs you get the experience of bliss, then follows the pain/withdrawal.

with sports you go through the pain to get to the bliss. Taking drugs is a short term answer, and the eventual outcome will be death. Sport or physical expression is more long term anwer and a sustainable approach, you go through the pain and can experience bliss through that momemt.

Reporter asking Lance Armstrong a question at a press conference, "Lance what pleasure do you find in cycling".

Lance Armstrong's response (with an intensity of his words), "Pleasure? I don't cycle for the pleasure, I do it for the pain"

Breaking through the "pain" barrier or "limitations" place by the self.

US marines "pain is weakness leaving the body"

Getting into the now, experience your body and everything around you.

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