The Bullet Proof Mind: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

the explosion of violence.
medical support in 1930s vs medical support modern day

australia& new zealand in violence

psychology in combat
1870s medical technology
late 80s and 90s violence increase
law enforcement agreesivelively engaging criminals

young offenders
children up until 5 or 6 yrs cannot tell difference fantasy and reality

tv powerful influencer on children, activities spent 2nd to sleep
things learnt in young years not forgotten

The Bullet Proof Mind: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman part 2

link between media violence vs real world violence
japanese in world war 2. tie up enemy, get young private to bayonet enemy. at night given the best food and women. so associate pleasure to violence

desensotise to human suffering, but also linking pleasure to it.
laughing and cheering

stimilus - response
DISIPLINE - to be entrusted with lethal force
in the training

case study
michael cunneel 8 shots 8 hits
master of video games.
"shot everything that popped on his screen"
video games give bonus for head shots
disciplined violence


copycat crimes
toll booth fire
"natural born killers"
interpersonal aggression is a universal phobia
will modify human behaviour

Warrior is the 5 percenter holding society together
2 people on battlefield
warrior and victim
role models who stay within the rules
positive warrior images. tradition of the knights
new centurions, dedicated to right and justice

dear god where do we get such men, each generation new giants should arise. damned and doomed. if warriors are gone.
building and nurturing
face evil.

most of the world is sheep.
wolves will feed on sheep.
sheep dogs. will not turn on flock, but yearns to face evil, when time arises

everyone else runs away from the sound of guns.
warrior advances to the sound of guns. thriving in the place of interpersonal aggression.
liberty vs security
warrior constantly ready, reducing probability of aggression.
understanding agression. just like magic, as it is not outstanding after understood.

defensive agression
predatorory agression. not escape but to conquer
action faster than reaction

difference between cops and crims. 8hr job vs 24hr job

warrior spirit
know how to use the gun and willing to use the gun
to prevent using deadly force, when needed

moments of combat
cognitive dissonance
one message bad to kill people vs to kill people

shedders of innocent blood

law enforcement officer bears deadly force under gods will
willingness to pull trigger
time to ask the question before ahead of time, not in the heat of battle. moment of truth.
place in scenarios and work through scenarios
mid brain, fore brain.
exhilaration + remorse in the brain. job well done.
taking pleasure in the fact we are to contribute, not pain in the others.

innoculation vs getting hit
alive to know you're shot is okay
1) enemy nolonger threat. get out a get medical support
2) worst case. anybody has in them shoot you once, has in them to shoot you again. train to keep going. continuing to fight, tap power of adrenalin

bone hits hurt, tissue wounds may not hurt.
resolve will to win.
phrase written in a saigon bunker "never lived until you almost died."

location. SITREP. prepared family for worst case

do what I tell
get away
seek help
do not go to my body

breath for 4 count
hold 4 count
out 4 count
hold 4 count

execute in combat as in training
consolidation and organisation


Part 8
post traumatic disorder
food, water, sleep
memory spacial oriented
human brain will abhore vacuum
debreif essential to long term survival
extracting valuable insight
memory resconstruction
75% learning in debreif
after action review

part 9

purification ritual.
symbol by civilisation. ceremony.
law enforcement funeral
you survive and another person dies
normal reaction midbrain. thank god it wasnt me
pain shared, pain divided. social support network.

life not death
set aside self distructive thoughts

combat breath.

rats in water, survival mindset
conditioned to it
inoculate to the stress

psychological preparation
always willing to train

"Inoculation is the placement of something that will grow or reproduce, and is most commonly used in respect of the introduction of a serum, vaccine, or antigenic substance into the body of a human or animal, especially to produce or boost immunity to a specific disease; but also can be used to refer to the communication of a disease to a living organism by transferring its causative agent into the organism, to implant microorganisms or infectious material into a culture medium such as a brewers vat or a petri dish, to safeguard as if by inoculation, to introduce an idea or attitude into someone's mind, any placement of microorganisms or viruses at a site where infection is possible such as to increase soybeans' nitrogen fixation one can treat soybeans at planting with Rhizobium japonicum inoculant."

preparation for retirement from your role
bull elephant
archetype - warrior,
to transition archetype, e.g. into the sensei, the old healer. not always the one walking the streets. e.g. shinobi.
1)social support network outside of work
2) continue to contribute
3) a plan

things sustained us in the yer

1944 on christmas eve 82 airborne division with Dave Grossman
brother are you looking for a safe place

gauze to dress wound


forebrain - human
midbrain - animal, fight flight feed fade

slow motion time
family and spirtual realm in the moment of truth

intensified sounds

"bullets don't work" shooting until a bullet works

you are only sick as your secrets
loss of bladder and sfincter control in control...dude we shit our pants, literally

know no fear and do the job
know the fear and do the job
know no fear and do not do the job

paintball emissions

instinctual and cultural condition
5000 yrs of lies
remote warfare, fighting from distance vs fighting at bayonet range
revolution in training
deadly force a conditioned response
stimulis response
close range interpersonal human aggression
medical, corpsmen, reverand not dieing of psychological trauma

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