A single hand-wrap is required for regular training but if you are using a heavy bag or have an injury or weak wrists then double the bandages with the second bandage supporting only the wrist, thumbs and knuckles (avoid going through the fingers twice as you will have difficulty closing your hands).

The following is a guide to wrapping your hands as taught in our academy:

1. Begin by holding
the wrap between the
thumb and forefinger

2. Gripping tightly, pass
the wrap over your knuckles

3. Cross the back of the
hand (towards little finger side)

4. Travel under the wrist
and out at thumb side

5. Over the back of the wrist...

6. And under

7. Over the thumb...

8. ...And under

9. Round the back of the wrist...

10. ...And under

11. ...Over the thumb again...

12. ….And under

13. Round the back of the
wrist and under

14. Through the index finger

15. Loop round towards
thumb side and back over hand

16. Under wrist then
through middle finger

17. Looping around towards
thumb side and back over hand...

18. Under wrist...

19. Through little finger

20. Looping towards thumb
then across towards wrist

21. Under wrist

22. Over back of hand towards
little finger

23. Pass over knuckles going
under hand

24. Alternative view

25. Passing over knuckles

26. Crossing diagonally
over back of hand……

27. …..Under wrist

28. Tie off – Through
middle finger...

29. Alternative view

30. Anchor through palm (a)

31. anchor through palm (b)

32. Tie off

33. Front view

34. Top view (a)

35. Top view (b)

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