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3:44.5 1km row

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Complete 3 sets each:
1 Embedded BL + 5 Tempo Bulgarian Pull-ups
1 Embedded XR L-sit + 5 Tempo Bulgarian HSPU
1 Embedded FL + 6 Tempo Windshield Wipers

Finish the workout with 10 Bridge Wall

1) Warm-up by performing 2-3 easier Pull-up/HSPU variations prior to
beginning your working sets. The variations used should initially begin with
one that is quite easy and then get progressively more difficult from
warm-up set to warm-up set.
2) Choose a body position for the embedded static strength variation that
allows you to hold the position for 15 seconds per rep.
3) Rest 10-20 seconds between the embedded static and the subsequent
exercise. Rest 1-2 minutes in between giant sets.
4) Use a tempo of 51X for the basic strength sets. This equates to a 5
second descent, followed by a 1 second pause at the bottom, then explode
into the ascent.
5) You may scale the workout as necessary by substituting another exercise
from the same movement family as necessary if a particular movement is
either too easy or too difficult.
6) DO NOT skip the Bridge Wall Walks at the end of the Workout.

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