Bruce Lee - rare footage - game of death final fight scene

ac · tion: the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim; the way in which something has an effect or influence; armed conflict; the events represented in a story; exciting or notable activity; exclamation used by a movie director as a command to begin; a thing done; an act; a gesture or movement; a manner or style of doing something; typically the way in which a mechanism or a person moves.

It has long been the dream of the Bruce Lee Foundation to build a Bruce Lee Museum. We see this home, this museum, not as a martial arts history museum or a Bruce Lee memorabilia museum but as a place that encompasses and expresses the totality of Bruce Lee’s legacy – Action! – dynamic movement, active personal expression, self actualization, the breaking of barriers! Bruce Lee was a dynamic action star and screen presence, an innovative thinker, a person who broke boundaries of race, culture, and tradition, an innovative family man, and now, a global icon. He accomplished these things by being passionate, directed and enthusiastic. He was actively dynamic in his expression of his very self and it translated across cultures and time and is the feeling that awakens within all of us when we see him move and when we listen to him speak.

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