To be a boxer, one must not lack is important to make
oneself accustomed to pain and danger without any fear.
Courage is both power and might which one's task successful either in a
game, a fight, or a serious duty.

Boxing is an art which needs frequent training and practice.
It is imperative not to be over confident of one's own ability.
It should be etched in the mind always that " man should not underestimate
others" Any boxer who is too proud of himself and likes to quarrel
and fight with the others outside the ring is not in
any way a brave man or a capable boxer, but a bully whose mind is
filled with hatred and anger.

A real boxer will never bully or intimidate anyone.
Even he is provoked, he should restrain himself from retaliating
for fear of damaging his reputation.
He should not show off his skill but be humble....outside the ring
is different from inside the ring, a true boxer will only fight
in the ring.

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